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NFL Draft Results

Hey guys, sorry about me not keeping up with the rest of the series about the NFL Draft. I hope you guys watched it all and saw the ups and down, the tears and smiles, and the shocking picks that took place. If you remember the list I put out about my opinion on who is the best QB heading into the draft. This list is where they landed and are starting their new professional career. 

HM: Chad Kelly – Round 7, 253rd pick (Broncos)

Chad Kelly, I believe is a sleeper and should have been picked higher because he has the potential to be a great QB in the future. Maybe not as great as his uncle, Jim Kelly, but he will be good. With the lack of an established QB in Denver with Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch as young inexperienced QBs, Chad Kelly has the opportunity to be a starter early in the season. He is versatile and has a good IQ, plus with great WRs around him like Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel  Sanders he can do well.

#5: DeShone Kizer – Round 2, 52nd pick (Browns)

DeShone Kizer, I think is in the right place for him and was picked at the right spot. Also just like Chad Kelly, Kizer has a chance to a starter early in the season. The Browns lack an established QB with Brock Osweiler, Kevin Hogan, Cody Kessler, and Pat Devlin but Brock might start the first week. Kizer has the chance to be good but I think he needs a good QB coach to teach him well so he can become the QB the Browns need to at least make the playoffs.

#4: Joshua Dobbs – Round 4, 135th pick (Steelers)

Dobbs is a good backup QB to the aging Big Ben and provides nice mobility to the offense. I think if he learns well under Big Ben since Dobbs is tall, Dobbs can be a nice decent QB for the Steelers after Ben retires. I wish Dobbs the best of luck as he learns as a rookie and develops as a QB.
#3: Mitch Trubisky – Round 1, 2nd pick (Bears)

Trubisky, wow, I am just in awe. He was the first QB to be drafted out of this class. Also, he only spent one full season as a starter at the University of North Carolina, even though he did well I believe he should have stayed one more year to prove himself. I am really surprised from the Bears also because they paid Mike Glennon 14.5 million dollars a year for 4 years then to turn around and draft a QB, that is just crazy. Trubisky I think can be good QBif he learned from a real veteran, not Mike Glennon but he does have potential to be a starter early in the season. 

#2: Brad Kaaya – Round 6, 215th pick (Lions)

People are definitely sleeping on Brad Kaaya because he did not get drafted until the 6th Round which is crazy. Kaaya is a nice QB and I guess with Matthew Stafford as his mentor he can make a nice QB in the future. Kaaya I wish got drafted to a team with a need for a QB because I think he can do wonders for a young team. 

#1: Deshaun Watson – Round 1, 12th (Texans)

Watson is at the right place with the Texans. He has targets like Deandre Hopkins, Julius Strong, Will Fuller IV, and Braxton Miller that can really be lethal in the NFL. I honestly believe Watson can be rookie of the year because he is just that awesome. I believe he is the readiest QB from the draft. Watson I promise will be the next up and coming QB/ the face of the NFL. 


Well, this is my opinion of the QBs drafted but I did not add Patrick Mahomes II because I just think he should have not gone so high in the draft and that is my opinion. I would love to hear your opinion on the QBs that were drafted or any other position that was drafted. 

Talk to you guys soon!!!

Top 5 at position – OT, OG, and C

Hey guys, on this Top 5 I am just going to give you guys names about the guys that are on the offensive line because their stats are usually just blocks on the defensive line. I’ll give you some quick info about each position then we can get right into it.

Offensive Tackles (OT) block speed rushers from getting the Quarterback’s blind side. They are usually quick on their feet because they have to shuffle to avoid having the QB sacked.

Here are the Top 5 Offensive Tackles…

1. Cam Robinson 6’6, 330 lbs University of Alabama
2. Ryan Ramczyk 6’6 315 lbs University of Wisconsin
3. Taylor Moton 6’5 330 lbs University of Western Michigan
4. Garrett Bolles 6’5 300 lbs University of Utah
5. Roderick Johnson 6’7 310 lbs Florida State University

Offensive Guards (OG) block usually the interior defenders, like the Defensive Tackles or the real big power guys. That is why they are usually the stronger ones of the line because they help the Center from having the interior defenders get to the QB quick.

Here are the Top 5 Offensive Guards…

1. Forrest Lamp 6’4 305 lbs University of Western Kentucky
2. Dorian Johnson 6’5 315 lbs Pittsburgh University
3. Nico Siragusa 6’5 330 lbs San Diego State University
4. Dion Dawkins 6’3 320 lbs Temple University
5. Isaac Asiata 6’3 325 lbs University of Utah

Centers (C) like Offensive Guards, block heavy interior defenders so they won’t get to the QB. They also hike the ball to the QB for him to throw.

Here are the Top 5 Centers…

1. Pat Elfein 6’3 300 lbs Ohio State University
2. Ethan Pocic 6’7 305 lbs Lousiana State University
3. Tyler Orlosky 6’4 300 lbs University of West Virgina
4. Jon Toth 6’5 310 lbs University of Kentucky
5. Kyle Fuller 6’5 315 lbs Baylor University

I give all credit for the stats to and CBS

Top 5 at position – Tight Ends

Hey, guys, I’m back again with another prediction for you guys. For the new people seeing this, this is the best NFL Draft position prediction out there!!! This one might get some people mad but that is just fine. I appreciate all feedback from my viewers.

Now here is the magic…

These players are, in my opinion, the top 5 at their position. They have displayed great attributes of moving on to the next level of becoming an NFL athlete. I have ranked them based off their stats, their impact on the field to win, their NFL readiness/body stature, the conference they play in, and how much of a threat they could be. I also threw in there an honorable mention.

Honorable Mention: Jake Butt

Image result for jake butt

Jake Butt has played for the University of Michigan for his whole collegiate career and since Jim Harbaugh, the head coach, came back to the University of Michigan, Butt’s stats have been great. Butt has been iffy for me to chose because of the lack of yards and athleticism but his size is what keep him in my mind. He is a big guy standing at 6 foot 6 weighing at 260 pounds but he is really the size of a pro football player which is great, saying he is pro ready. But is he? I mean he caught 546 yards from 46 receptions with just 4TDs but he does not stand out to me. Butt just lacks the speed and the athleticism to do any damage as a TE. But he is as big as Gronk and we know the damage Gronk does to defenses. So he is a toss-up to me. He reminds me of an underdeveloped Gronk and if he can find the right TE coach I think he can soon be like Gronk.

#5: Gerald Everett

Image result for gerald everett

Everett has played for the South Alabama Jaguars for the past 2 seasons. He is a versatile Tight End because he does not have the typical stature of a Tight End. He stands at 6 foot 3 inches and weighing at 230 pounds which are usually Pro Wide Receivers. So he can be used on the line or just a few feet off of it to do a small curl route. This season he has caught 717 yards off of 49 receptions for 4 TDs which is good stats other than the TDs. But as we know Tight Ends are usually not the main target for a TD. Personally, I would not sleep on Everett because in this day and age athleticism is crucial in the NFL (Gerald Everett use to play basketball). With that, he is quick and has a great first step getting off the line fast enough to accelerate past linebackers for a deep pass down field. He reminds me of Kellen Winslow Jr., fast and quick to shake defenders with good route running to contribute to a great Tight End. Everett would probably fit in a spread offense with a decent amount of play action plays. The question is who will take a chance on Gerald Everett with him being undersized?

#4: Jordan Leggett

Image result for jordan leggett

Jordan Leggett has played his whole collegiate career at Clemson University. His skills have progressed as time has passed. Jordan Leggett is a very big dude and you might remember him from the College Football National Championship against Alabama. He stands at 6 foot 6 and weighing at 260 but he does not look fat, it fits his body. With that, he lacks athletism and does have a high vertical but he sure can catch the ball. Leggett has been a part of a high-powered offense for the past 2 seasons with Deshaun Watson leading the way. This season he has caught 736 yards on 46 receptions for 7 TDs which is great from a Tight End. Leggett, I think, If he can develop speed, will be a Martellus Bennet but faster. If he can stay motivated in everything he does and does not lack in any aspect of his game, I can see him being a pro bowler soon. But the question is, is he fast enough and has good route skills to fake out a decent Pro Linebacker to get a decent gain?

#3: O.J Howard

Image result for oj howard

Howard has played for the University of Alabama for all of his collegiate career. Being in a great offense program gets you ready for the NFL. Howard is versatile and very athletic as a Tight End to make an impact his first year in the NFL. He stands at 6 foot 6 and weighing at 250 which does not look bad on him. He has greats has to catch the ball and is more of a wide receiver in a TE body. On 45 receptions, Howard caught for 595 yards for 3 TDs which is decent but I feel he has more in him. I think if an NFL team can use him right, he can easily be another Greg Olsen, in my opinion. He can go over the middle and play on the outsides to be a more effective TE for the offense. Howard I think will have a long career in the NFL, getting 1,000 yards easily and out running Linebackers that are not great at coverage.

#2: Bucky Hodges

Image result for bucky hodges

Bucky Hodges has played for the Virgina Tech Hokies for the past 3 seasons. He is long and quick which is not usual from a 6 foot 7, 245-pound guy. With his long strides, he can outrun speedy linebackers or assist the QB for a quick out when a blitz comes. He still has ways to go but can be a great fit in a fast paste offense. He caught 691 yards on 48 receptions for 7 TDs which is good I think but he should have been used more because of his height. He reminds me of either Jared Cook and/or Julius Thomas because of their height, speed, and ability to get the ball. Bucky needs to gain more weight, in muscle, of course, to be a more powerful TE. He has shown that he can do good things, just will it translate to the NFL?

#1 Evan Engram

Image result for evan engram

Evan Engram has played for Ole Miss all 4 years of his collegiate career. He has shown up and has shown out. Even with the lack of size he has against Linebackers, he still makes up for it in speed and athleticism. Engram stands at 6 foot 3 and weighing at 240 pounds which is a little undersize. His versatility is great because he is too fast for linebackers and too big for Cornerbacks. He is pretty much unguardable in my opinion. He reminds me of Jordan Reed, a TE that can break away easily and be open for an easy pass. On 65 receptions he caught 926 yards for 8 TDs which is unbelievable as a TE because a TE is usually not the prime target. If a team picks him up they are definitely getting a gem to have more weapons on their offense.

The pictures I give credit to Google and the stats I give credit to ESPN.

Remember Feb 28 –  March  6 is the NFL Combine so watch out for this TEs.

Have a Great Day, see you soon!!!

Sorry Guys!!!

Hey, guys, it is my bad for not posting the last two weeks. Tonight, look for a post about the TOP 5 Tight Ends in my opinion. Thank you for sticking with me and Feb 28 – March 2 is the NFL Combine so be on the lookout for your favorite players. Also look for the unknown players I mentioned too. See you guys later!!!

Top 5 at position – Wide Receivers

Hey, guys, I’m back again with another prediction for you guys. For the new people seeing this, this is the best NFL Draft position prediction out there!!! This one might get some people mad but that is just fine. I appreciate all feedback from my viewers.

Now here is the magic…

These players are, in my opinion, the top 5 at their position. They have displayed great attributes of moving on to the next level of becoming an NFL athlete. I have ranked them based off their stats, their impact on the field to win,  their NFL readiness/body stature, the conference they play in, and how much of a threat they could be. I also threw in there an honorable mention.

Honorable Mention: KD Cannon


KD Cannon has played for the Baylor Bears for the past 3 seasons. He has been a very good WR for the Bears and has been a lethal weapon averaging a little over 1,000 receiving yards throughout his 3 years at Baylor. This season, on 87 receptions, he gained 1,215 yards for 13 TDs which is good but, nowadays it seems that in college football it is easy to gain 1,000, especially if they are the primary receiver. I am not doubting his ability to be great because he has proven to be a threat, I just don’t see him as a high pick in the draft. KD Cannon reminds me of a faster Randall Cobb and could be a great Slot Reciever for his speed.

#5: Dede Westbrook


Dede Westbrook has played his last 2 seasons with the University of Oklahoma. He spent his first 2 years of college at a Junior College. Dede was a finalist for the Heisman Trophy with his QB Baker Mayfield but as we know they both lost to Lamar Jackson from the University of Louisville. Dede is thin but very fast but I think will start as a WR #2 in his first year in the NFL, depending on where he goes, of course. On 80 receptions, he gained 1,524 yards for 17 TDs which is insane. Also, Dede was all Baker Mayfield had as a receiver, the next receiver was a backup RB. Dede had 1,000 more yards and 40 more receptions than the RB, so in all honesty, if the defense stopped Dede then Oklahoma would lose. That is exactly what happened when Oklahoma lost 2 games in the season. Dede did not produce as he usually did. If Dede can build muscle, I see him becoming a future Dez Bryant, doing a lot of jump ball catches and coming down with the pigskin.

#4: Taywan Taylor


Tayan Taylor has played for the Hilltoppers, who are the University of Western Kentucky, for his whole collegiate career. He has improved a lot from his freshman year to his senior year. He is explosive, athletic, and super fast. He has had back-to-back years of over 90 receptions, for over 1,500 yards, and for over 15 TDs. If that is not called excellent then I don’t know what is. This season, on 98 receptions he gained 1,730 yards for 17 TDs which is crazy good. He is definitely a sleeper in the draft, but I think if a team gives him a chance he can learn under a great veteran slot receiver to be the next big thing. Taywan reminds me of Steve Smith Sr. with his dynamic speed and toughness to not be beaten.

#3: Zay Jones

Image result for zay jones

Zay Jones had played for the East Carolina Pirates for all his collegiate career. He has definitely been great over the years. I believe he deserves more respect, especially after this season when he broke some of his conference’s records. On 158 receptions, he gained 1,746 yards for only 8 TDs which is great. Zay is more of a possession receiver which is why he did not get a lot of TDs but he is still a great receiver. Zay Jones, I think, can become a prime receiver in the NFL when he puts on more muscle because he has the skill and talent to be great. He reminds me of a Deandre Hopkins with his width and ability to be a dynamic playmaker.

#2: Mike Williams


Mike Williams has played for Clemson all of his collegiate career and has had Deshaun Watson as QB for most of it. He is a man among boys because of how big he is, 6’3 225 pounds. That is as big as Mike Evans from the Tampa Bay Bucs. I think he is ready for the NFL with his route running skills and versatility on the field. On 98 receptions, he gained 1,361 yards for 11 TDs which is good for a prime receiver for a strong program. Mike Williams can be a #1 WR in the NFL his first year like Mike Thomas for the Saints or Corey Coleman for the Browns.

#1: Corey Davis


Corey Davis has played for the Western Michigan Broncos for his whole collegiate career. He is absolutely the #1 prospect receiver in this draft. Throughout his whole career, he has made a statement in every game and if anyone passes on him then they are idiotic. For 3 seasons straight he has had over 80 receptions, for over 1,400 yards, and for over 12 TDs which is not human. He has the skill and talent to literally change a team’s offense in the air. He is big and very powerful. On 97 receptions he gained 1,500 yards for 19 TDs which is crazy and I expect nothing less from him. Corey reminds me of a smaller Calvin Johnson because of his fearing appearance on the field against Cornerbacks.

That is it for this week, remember I post every Monday night. Don’t forget to like and follow a brother for more great content. Also if any suggestions for what to see for the next post about sports, please do not hesitate to leave a comment. See you next week!!!

I give all credit for the pictures to Google and stats to ESPN.

Top 5 at position – Runningbacks

These players are, in my opinion, the top 5 at their position. They have displayed great attributes of moving on to the next level of becoming an NFL athlete. I have ranked them based on their stats, their impact on the field to win, their NFL readiness/body stature, the conference they play in, and how much of a threat they could be. I also threw in there an honorable mention.

Honorable Mention: Leonard Fournette


Leonard Fournette has played for the LSU Tigers for the past 3 seasons. He absolutely has the body of a grown man and will run right through anyone in his path. He is aggressive and will be an amazing RB in the NFL. Behind a good Offensive Line, he will get 1,000 rushing yards at least. Even though I am praising Fournette and think he is phenomenal, he did not do too well this season because of an ankle injury which kept him out for at least half the season. He ran for 843 yards, on 129 attempts, and for 8 TDs which I think is decent for an average player which Fournette is not. Also, he is a good pass blocker to pick up the blitz. If he was not injured, he would definitely be higher on my list because of his skills. Fournette has the ability to be a great RB in the NFL and I believe he can do it. But will his ankle keep him limited?

#5: Wayne Gallman


Wayne Gallman has played with the Clemson Tigers for the past 3 seasons. He just won the National Championship against Alabama Crimson Tide which, in my opinion, had no contribution to Clemson’s win. Gallman is more of a run to the outside type of RB because he is not very big so he uses his speed to get around defenders. He ran for 1133 yards, on 232 attempts, and for 17 TDs which is okay. He did way better the previous year, but still, has more to prove to be a great RB. He is more of a receiving type RB to me because he has the speed to pass Linebackers and get to the secondary. Plus, I won’t get him on too much because Clemson did pass more than this season than they did last year, so his stats went down. But he does need a little bit of weight added on to him to be effective in the NFL and last.

#4: Donnel Pumphrey


Donnel Pumphrey, I think, should be on this list because of his accomplishments and career at San Deigo State where he played all 4 years of his collegiate career. His ran for 2,133 yards, on 349 attempts, and for 17 TDs which I think is amazing for such a small guy on the field. Donnel is 5 feet and 9 inches weighing at 180 pounds. That tells me right there that no matter the height of the player, the heart is really what matters. He leads the nation in yards and attempts and is a great receiving RB. From 27 receptions, he has gained 231 yards which are not too bad. I think he is like a Darren Sproles that could just do everything in the backfield. The only reason why Donnel is not higher on my list is because of the conference he is in which is the Mountain West Conference (MWC) which I think is not such a competitive conference. Donnel can be a great two combo punch for an NFL team if he had a power runner on one side of the QB and him on the other to be the receiving RB.

#3: D’Onta Foreman

Image result for Donta foreman

Foreman has spent the last 3 seasons at the University of Texas and this season has been his best. All of his stats have doubled since last season. He ran for 2,028 yards, on 323 attempts, and for 15 TDs which is great. One thing I am concerned about is if he can hold on to the ball and not fumble it. A few times this season he has cost Texas the game because of his loose grip. Other than that, he is a great runner and powerful in his run. He reminds me of Eddie Lacy but when he is at Green Bay not when he was in Alabama. Foreman is big and I think might need to tone up a little to be more elusive and powerful. Overall good RB, just want to see it translate from college to pros.

#2: Christian McCaffrey


Christian McCaffrey has played for the University of Stanford for the past 3 seasons. He is a great running RB, punt returner, and great receiving RB. He can play what is needed to help the team win. He ran for 1,603 yards, on 253 attempts, and for 13 TDs that is not bad but he did way better last season. He can power run and run around defenders to get decent yardage. McCaffrey will be a great RB in the NFL behind a decent line and be a great RB receiver from the backfield when the QB is being blitzed. On 37 receptions he gained 310 yards. He is very fast and elusive to break out for a long run and I believe he has the ability to be a high prospect in the draft and go to a good team where he can thrive.

#1: Dalvin Cook


Dalvin Cook has played for Florida State for 3 seasons. He is an excellent RB with being able to pick up the blitz from Linebackers. He can run up the middle with speed and power and he is a great receiving RB to help the QB from getting sacked. He ran for 1,765 yards, on 288 attempts and for 19 TDs which is good, especially in the ACC. On 33 receptions he had 488 receiving yards for 1 TD which is great receiving wise but TD wise not so good. If you watch him play, you know he is unique and can do great things. He reminds me of Devonta Freeman because of his shiftiness and ability to do everything just in the backfield. Cook, in the NFL, will be great and I expect him to run like a BOSS!!!


I give credit, for the pictures, to Google and the stats to ESPN.

Top 5 at position – Quarterbacks

These players are, in my opinion, the top 5 at their position. They have displayed great attributes of moving on to the next level of becoming an NFL athlete. I have ranked them based off their stats, their impact on the field to win,  their NFL readiness/body stature, the conference they play in, and how much of a threat they could be. Also threw in there an honorable mention.

Honorable Mention: Chad Kelly

NCAA Football: Sugar Bowl-Oklahoma State vs Mississippi

Chad Kelly, the nephew of Hall of Famer Jim Kelly, played at Ole Miss these last 2 seasons. This past season he did not do as well as he did his first year at Ole Miss because of an ACL tear he experienced mid-year this season. This season he threw for 2,758 yards, 19 TDs, 8 INTs, and with a 62.5% completion while he started for the Rebels. He is a Dual-Threat QB because of his speed capabilities and play-action skills. On 81 attempts he ran for 332 yards for 5 TDs. I believe that Kelly is a great QB and would be higher on my list if he did not become injured. He can torch a team with his passing skills and his speed which I believe can be effective in the NFL.

#5: DeShone Kizer


DeShone Kizer played for Notre Dame these past 2 seasons and helped the Fighting Irish a lot. Kizer’s stats have been consistent and have slightly increased this season which still was not good enough because of their losing record. He threw for 2,925 yards, 26 TDs, 9 INTs, and with a 59% completion. Kizer, out of all the QBs, has the lowest completion rating. I think he might need more development in his decision-making and accuracy before he becomes an NFL starter. He is not a speedster but he can run the ball and is big in stature. On 129 attempts, Kizer had 472 yards and 8 TDs which is not bad but at the same time, not the best. The question is can he produce and be effective going to the NFL after not experiencing much competition in his conference/college career?

#4: Joshua Dobbs


Joshua Dobbs has played at the University of Tennesee all 4 years of his collegiate athletic career. Watching him, I’ve seen his improvement and his dedication to the game of football. But is he ready? That is the primary question for Dobbs. I am looking for precision from Dobbs to get over the hump of just being named another QB. He threw for 2,946 yards, 27 TDs, 12 INTs, and with a 63% completion. He is also a Dual-Threat QB which is nice because he is a big guy with speed that can also power run. On 139 attempts, he ran for 713 yards for 9 TDs. Back to his passing, I know he is a good QB I just want him to be more confident in his passing and to not have so many close games. I think he has a lot of potential, just how will he use it.

#3: Mitch Trubisky


Mitch Trubisky has played for the Tar Heels for the last 3 seasons but this season was his first real season. Don’t get me wrong, he did well on actually playing a full season and all snaps, but I still think an extra year would solidify what happened the previous year was not a fluke. He threw 3,748 yards, 30 TDs, 6 INTs, and with a 68% completion which is way better than last year. Those are great numbers, especially in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), to put yourself in NFL scouts mouth. His accuracy is great and he has a strong arm to just bomb a deep pass to his receivers. I think he would be okay in the NFL but not right away, I still would like to see him stay one more year but body wise he looks ready. Plus, I think based on who is around him to catch his passes will be a factor in his success to lead a team.

#2: Brad Kaaya


Brad Kaaya has played the last 3 seasons at the University of Miami and has done a fantastic job as QB. He has shown his improvement and used the weapons around him to help Miami’s football program become better. He can be a lethal QB in the NFL, he is a great decision maker and passer. He threw for 3,532 yards, 27 TDs, 7 INTs, and with a 62% completion. I would take those stats any day and I believe that Kaaya can be a starter in his first year in the league. He has battled some of the best secondaries in his college career and has done well. He is more of a pocket passer but can move with his feet to avoid a collapsed pocket.

#1: Deshaun Watson


Deshaun Watson has played for the Clemson Tigers for the past 3 seasons. He has made his mark in college football these past 2 seasons with going to the National Championship twice against the same team and won the latest championship against Alabama. By far, I believe, Watson is the number 1 QB prospect in the draft and he has earned every ounce of it. This season he threw for 4,593 yards, 41 TDs, 17 INTs, and with a 67% completion. He can use his feet also with 169 attempts, 629 yards, and 9 TDs. I have nothing bad to say about Watson. Watching him improve from one season to another is incredible, he has definitely earned the respect from others. In the championship game, I thought he was not going to be able to beat the Crimson Tide because of the beatings he kept getting in the first half but he stuck in there and threw for 420 yards and 3 TDs to win the National Championship. He is the most NFL ready QB in the class of 2017 and will probably be the number 1 pick for the Cleveland Browns. His precision, arm strength, and leadership skills will no doubt make him a valuable player in the NFL.


I give all the credit to Google Images for supplying me with the photos!

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