Hey, guys, I’m back again with another prediction for you guys. For the new people seeing this, this is the best NFL Draft position prediction out there!!! This one might get some people mad but that is just fine. I appreciate all feedback from my viewers.

Now here is the magic…

These players are, in my opinion, the top 5 at their position. They have displayed great attributes of moving on to the next level of becoming an NFL athlete. I have ranked them based off their stats, their impact on the field to win,  their NFL readiness/body stature, the conference they play in, and how much of a threat they could be. I also threw in there an honorable mention.

Honorable Mention: KD Cannon


KD Cannon has played for the Baylor Bears for the past 3 seasons. He has been a very good WR for the Bears and has been a lethal weapon averaging a little over 1,000 receiving yards throughout his 3 years at Baylor. This season, on 87 receptions, he gained 1,215 yards for 13 TDs which is good but, nowadays it seems that in college football it is easy to gain 1,000, especially if they are the primary receiver. I am not doubting his ability to be great because he has proven to be a threat, I just don’t see him as a high pick in the draft. KD Cannon reminds me of a faster Randall Cobb and could be a great Slot Reciever for his speed.

#5: Dede Westbrook


Dede Westbrook has played his last 2 seasons with the University of Oklahoma. He spent his first 2 years of college at a Junior College. Dede was a finalist for the Heisman Trophy with his QB Baker Mayfield but as we know they both lost to Lamar Jackson from the University of Louisville. Dede is thin but very fast but I think will start as a WR #2 in his first year in the NFL, depending on where he goes, of course. On 80 receptions, he gained 1,524 yards for 17 TDs which is insane. Also, Dede was all Baker Mayfield had as a receiver, the next receiver was a backup RB. Dede had 1,000 more yards and 40 more receptions than the RB, so in all honesty, if the defense stopped Dede then Oklahoma would lose. That is exactly what happened when Oklahoma lost 2 games in the season. Dede did not produce as he usually did. If Dede can build muscle, I see him becoming a future Dez Bryant, doing a lot of jump ball catches and coming down with the pigskin.

#4: Taywan Taylor


Tayan Taylor has played for the Hilltoppers, who are the University of Western Kentucky, for his whole collegiate career. He has improved a lot from his freshman year to his senior year. He is explosive, athletic, and super fast. He has had back-to-back years of over 90 receptions, for over 1,500 yards, and for over 15 TDs. If that is not called excellent then I don’t know what is. This season, on 98 receptions he gained 1,730 yards for 17 TDs which is crazy good. He is definitely a sleeper in the draft, but I think if a team gives him a chance he can learn under a great veteran slot receiver to be the next big thing. Taywan reminds me of Steve Smith Sr. with his dynamic speed and toughness to not be beaten.

#3: Zay Jones

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Zay Jones had played for the East Carolina Pirates for all his collegiate career. He has definitely been great over the years. I believe he deserves more respect, especially after this season when he broke some of his conference’s records. On 158 receptions, he gained 1,746 yards for only 8 TDs which is great. Zay is more of a possession receiver which is why he did not get a lot of TDs but he is still a great receiver. Zay Jones, I think, can become a prime receiver in the NFL when he puts on more muscle because he has the skill and talent to be great. He reminds me of a Deandre Hopkins with his width and ability to be a dynamic playmaker.

#2: Mike Williams


Mike Williams has played for Clemson all of his collegiate career and has had Deshaun Watson as QB for most of it. He is a man among boys because of how big he is, 6’3 225 pounds. That is as big as Mike Evans from the Tampa Bay Bucs. I think he is ready for the NFL with his route running skills and versatility on the field. On 98 receptions, he gained 1,361 yards for 11 TDs which is good for a prime receiver for a strong program. Mike Williams can be a #1 WR in the NFL his first year like Mike Thomas for the Saints or Corey Coleman for the Browns.

#1: Corey Davis


Corey Davis has played for the Western Michigan Broncos for his whole collegiate career. He is absolutely the #1 prospect receiver in this draft. Throughout his whole career, he has made a statement in every game and if anyone passes on him then they are idiotic. For 3 seasons straight he has had over 80 receptions, for over 1,400 yards, and for over 12 TDs which is not human. He has the skill and talent to literally change a team’s offense in the air. He is big and very powerful. On 97 receptions he gained 1,500 yards for 19 TDs which is crazy and I expect nothing less from him. Corey reminds me of a smaller Calvin Johnson because of his fearing appearance on the field against Cornerbacks.

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