Hey, guys, I’m back again with another prediction for you guys. For the new people seeing this, this is the best NFL Draft position prediction out there!!! This one might get some people mad but that is just fine. I appreciate all feedback from my viewers.

Now here is the magic…

These players are, in my opinion, the top 5 at their position. They have displayed great attributes of moving on to the next level of becoming an NFL athlete. I have ranked them based off their stats, their impact on the field to win, their NFL readiness/body stature, the conference they play in, and how much of a threat they could be. I also threw in there an honorable mention.

Honorable Mention: Jake Butt

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Jake Butt has played for the University of Michigan for his whole collegiate career and since Jim Harbaugh, the head coach, came back to the University of Michigan, Butt’s stats have been great. Butt has been iffy for me to chose because of the lack of yards and athleticism but his size is what keep him in my mind. He is a big guy standing at 6 foot 6 weighing at 260 pounds but he is really the size of a pro football player which is great, saying he is pro ready. But is he? I mean he caught 546 yards from 46 receptions with just 4TDs but he does not stand out to me. Butt just lacks the speed and the athleticism to do any damage as a TE. But he is as big as Gronk and we know the damage Gronk does to defenses. So he is a toss-up to me. He reminds me of an underdeveloped Gronk and if he can find the right TE coach I think he can soon be like Gronk.

#5: Gerald Everett

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Everett has played for the South Alabama Jaguars for the past 2 seasons. He is a versatile Tight End because he does not have the typical stature of a Tight End. He stands at 6 foot 3 inches and weighing at 230 pounds which are usually Pro Wide Receivers. So he can be used on the line or just a few feet off of it to do a small curl route. This season he has caught 717 yards off of 49 receptions for 4 TDs which is good stats other than the TDs. But as we know Tight Ends are usually not the main target for a TD. Personally, I would not sleep on Everett because in this day and age athleticism is crucial in the NFL (Gerald Everett use to play basketball). With that, he is quick and has a great first step getting off the line fast enough to accelerate past linebackers for a deep pass down field. He reminds me of Kellen Winslow Jr., fast and quick to shake defenders with good route running to contribute to a great Tight End. Everett would probably fit in a spread offense with a decent amount of play action plays. The question is who will take a chance on Gerald Everett with him being undersized?

#4: Jordan Leggett

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Jordan Leggett has played his whole collegiate career at Clemson University. His skills have progressed as time has passed. Jordan Leggett is a very big dude and you might remember him from the College Football National Championship against Alabama. He stands at 6 foot 6 and weighing at 260 but he does not look fat, it fits his body. With that, he lacks athletism and does have a high vertical but he sure can catch the ball. Leggett has been a part of a high-powered offense for the past 2 seasons with Deshaun Watson leading the way. This season he has caught 736 yards on 46 receptions for 7 TDs which is great from a Tight End. Leggett, I think, If he can develop speed, will be a Martellus Bennet but faster. If he can stay motivated in everything he does and does not lack in any aspect of his game, I can see him being a pro bowler soon. But the question is, is he fast enough and has good route skills to fake out a decent Pro Linebacker to get a decent gain?

#3: O.J Howard

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Howard has played for the University of Alabama for all of his collegiate career. Being in a great offense program gets you ready for the NFL. Howard is versatile and very athletic as a Tight End to make an impact his first year in the NFL. He stands at 6 foot 6 and weighing at 250 which does not look bad on him. He has greats has to catch the ball and is more of a wide receiver in a TE body. On 45 receptions, Howard caught for 595 yards for 3 TDs which is decent but I feel he has more in him. I think if an NFL team can use him right, he can easily be another Greg Olsen, in my opinion. He can go over the middle and play on the outsides to be a more effective TE for the offense. Howard I think will have a long career in the NFL, getting 1,000 yards easily and out running Linebackers that are not great at coverage.

#2: Bucky Hodges

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Bucky Hodges has played for the Virgina Tech Hokies for the past 3 seasons. He is long and quick which is not usual from a 6 foot 7, 245-pound guy. With his long strides, he can outrun speedy linebackers or assist the QB for a quick out when a blitz comes. He still has ways to go but can be a great fit in a fast paste offense. He caught 691 yards on 48 receptions for 7 TDs which is good I think but he should have been used more because of his height. He reminds me of either Jared Cook and/or Julius Thomas because of their height, speed, and ability to get the ball. Bucky needs to gain more weight, in muscle, of course, to be a more powerful TE. He has shown that he can do good things, just will it translate to the NFL?

#1 Evan Engram

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Evan Engram has played for Ole Miss all 4 years of his collegiate career. He has shown up and has shown out. Even with the lack of size he has against Linebackers, he still makes up for it in speed and athleticism. Engram stands at 6 foot 3 and weighing at 240 pounds which is a little undersize. His versatility is great because he is too fast for linebackers and too big for Cornerbacks. He is pretty much unguardable in my opinion. He reminds me of Jordan Reed, a TE that can break away easily and be open for an easy pass. On 65 receptions he caught 926 yards for 8 TDs which is unbelievable as a TE because a TE is usually not the prime target. If a team picks him up they are definitely getting a gem to have more weapons on their offense.

The pictures I give credit to Google and the stats I give credit to ESPN.

Remember Feb 28 –  March  6 is the NFL Combine so watch out for this TEs.

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