Hey guys, on this Top 5 I am just going to give you guys names about the guys that are on the offensive line because their stats are usually just blocks on the defensive line. I’ll give you some quick info about each position then we can get right into it.

Offensive Tackles (OT) block speed rushers from getting the Quarterback’s blind side. They are usually quick on their feet because they have to shuffle to avoid having the QB sacked.

Here are the Top 5 Offensive Tackles…

1. Cam Robinson 6’6, 330 lbs University of Alabama
2. Ryan Ramczyk 6’6 315 lbs University of Wisconsin
3. Taylor Moton 6’5 330 lbs University of Western Michigan
4. Garrett Bolles 6’5 300 lbs University of Utah
5. Roderick Johnson 6’7 310 lbs Florida State University

Offensive Guards (OG) block usually the interior defenders, like the Defensive Tackles or the real big power guys. That is why they are usually the stronger ones of the line because they help the Center from having the interior defenders get to the QB quick.

Here are the Top 5 Offensive Guards…

1. Forrest Lamp 6’4 305 lbs University of Western Kentucky
2. Dorian Johnson 6’5 315 lbs Pittsburgh University
3. Nico Siragusa 6’5 330 lbs San Diego State University
4. Dion Dawkins 6’3 320 lbs Temple University
5. Isaac Asiata 6’3 325 lbs University of Utah

Centers (C) like Offensive Guards, block heavy interior defenders so they won’t get to the QB. They also hike the ball to the QB for him to throw.

Here are the Top 5 Centers…

1. Pat Elfein 6’3 300 lbs Ohio State University
2. Ethan Pocic 6’7 305 lbs Lousiana State University
3. Tyler Orlosky 6’4 300 lbs University of West Virgina
4. Jon Toth 6’5 310 lbs University of Kentucky
5. Kyle Fuller 6’5 315 lbs Baylor University

I give all credit for the stats to SportsIllustrated.com and CBS Sports.com