Hey guys, sorry about me not keeping up with the rest of the series about the NFL Draft. I hope you guys watched it all and saw the ups and down, the tears and smiles, and the shocking picks that took place. If you remember the list I put out about my opinion on who is the best QB heading into the draft. This list is where they landed and are starting their new professional career. 

HM: Chad Kelly – Round 7, 253rd pick (Broncos)

Chad Kelly, I believe is a sleeper and should have been picked higher because he has the potential to be a great QB in the future. Maybe not as great as his uncle, Jim Kelly, but he will be good. With the lack of an established QB in Denver with Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch as young inexperienced QBs, Chad Kelly has the opportunity to be a starter early in the season. He is versatile and has a good IQ, plus with great WRs around him like Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel  Sanders he can do well.

#5: DeShone Kizer – Round 2, 52nd pick (Browns)

DeShone Kizer, I think is in the right place for him and was picked at the right spot. Also just like Chad Kelly, Kizer has a chance to a starter early in the season. The Browns lack an established QB with Brock Osweiler, Kevin Hogan, Cody Kessler, and Pat Devlin but Brock might start the first week. Kizer has the chance to be good but I think he needs a good QB coach to teach him well so he can become the QB the Browns need to at least make the playoffs.

#4: Joshua Dobbs – Round 4, 135th pick (Steelers)

Dobbs is a good backup QB to the aging Big Ben and provides nice mobility to the offense. I think if he learns well under Big Ben since Dobbs is tall, Dobbs can be a nice decent QB for the Steelers after Ben retires. I wish Dobbs the best of luck as he learns as a rookie and develops as a QB.
#3: Mitch Trubisky – Round 1, 2nd pick (Bears)

Trubisky, wow, I am just in awe. He was the first QB to be drafted out of this class. Also, he only spent one full season as a starter at the University of North Carolina, even though he did well I believe he should have stayed one more year to prove himself. I am really surprised from the Bears also because they paid Mike Glennon 14.5 million dollars a year for 4 years then to turn around and draft a QB, that is just crazy. Trubisky I think can be good QBif he learned from a real veteran, not Mike Glennon but he does have potential to be a starter early in the season. 

#2: Brad Kaaya – Round 6, 215th pick (Lions)

People are definitely sleeping on Brad Kaaya because he did not get drafted until the 6th Round which is crazy. Kaaya is a nice QB and I guess with Matthew Stafford as his mentor he can make a nice QB in the future. Kaaya I wish got drafted to a team with a need for a QB because I think he can do wonders for a young team. 

#1: Deshaun Watson – Round 1, 12th (Texans)

Watson is at the right place with the Texans. He has targets like Deandre Hopkins, Julius Strong, Will Fuller IV, and Braxton Miller that can really be lethal in the NFL. I honestly believe Watson can be rookie of the year because he is just that awesome. I believe he is the readiest QB from the draft. Watson I promise will be the next up and coming QB/ the face of the NFL. 


Well, this is my opinion of the QBs drafted but I did not add Patrick Mahomes II because I just think he should have not gone so high in the draft and that is my opinion. I would love to hear your opinion on the QBs that were drafted or any other position that was drafted. 

Talk to you guys soon!!!